Saturday 23rd January

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The Port Navas Village Hall is currently closed but we hope to have a programme of events from Easter onwards. Bookings are also suspended for the time being. 

Recent news

A Portrait of Port Navas

October 2020: We’re grateful to have been sent this collection of photos of Port Navas taken by Nicola Finan. Thank you Nicola.

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Port Navas Regatta

The Port Navas Regatta was first held in August 1914, in the same week that war was declared. It was not held again until 1921.

The Regatta Committee of 1921

There were lapses again in the years before and during the second war, and after the war it was often difficult to get a committee together. The Regatta was re-started properly in 1962 and has been run every year since until this year when it fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re all looking forward to next year’s Regatta. In the meantime Margaret Scott thought you might enjoy this collection of old posters.

For more about the re-establishment of the Regatta in the early sixties scroll to the bottom of History > The Regatta for the late Maurice Tonkin’s personal notes.

2005 Regatta visitor

Those of us who were here for the 2005 Regatta will remember the visit of CV 2747, a beautifully restored 1930 ‘Snubnose’ Morris van. “Skip’ Thomas, Sally’s father, had used CV 2747 in a pickup configuration for transporting oysters in the early 40s. Michelin, who restored the van to commemorate their UK centenary, recognised her place in Port Navas history and organised this special appearance.

Helford River speed limit (6 knots)

Visitors to the Helford River may not appreciate that a 6 knot speed limit applies over most of the river. Boats under power are asked to observe the limit and avoid creating any wake.

The dark blue area on this map shows where the limit applies. Click to enlarge.

May Bank Holiday

Port Navas May 16th 2020

Adrian Seys-Prosser

Ade with Tiffa Meadows

We very much regret having to report that Adrian Seys-Prosser passed away at home over the weekend.

Ade and his partner Jan lived at Covehill in Port Navas for many years before moving to Constantine a few years ago. They were always actively involved in village life and Ade loved living in Port Navas, appreciating its sense of fun and community spirit. He particularly enjoyed being part of the Regatta barbecue team each year. Many of Jan’s memories with Adrian are of happy times down at ‘the club’, crabbing on the quay and messing about in dinghies with the grandchildren. 

Ade will be missed by his family and by all who knew him.

Martin Winters, Stuart & Sally Annan, James Jowett with Ade at The Port Navas Regatta

Jonathan Thornton Completes 2.6 Challenge for HRCST

As a Trustee of the Helford River Children’s Sailing Trust, Jonathan Thornton has spent the last four years leading the development of a multi-million pound facility to enable children of all abilities, including those with severe disabilities, to benefit from all activities on and in the water. In order to raise funds during the 2.6 National Challenge, Jonathan decided to climb the height of the world’s tallest building – the 2600 feet Burj Dubai – in his own garden, which has a 100 foot descent to the River Helford. Jonathan’s wife Rose supported his endeavours by matching every pound raised to a total of £2600 and promising him a glass of bubbly on completion.