A request from Battle Creek, Michigan

We visited Port Navas in the summer of 2011 and found it to be such a beautiful place. While there we purchased the book The Story Of Port Navas and I was delighted to find a picture of my great grandfather Capt. Peter Pascoe in it. Peter was born in Porthleven in 1852 and spent much of his life there as a fisherman but he retired to Port Navas where he was a yachtsman for a Mr Hamerton on the sailboat “The Klang”. Peter drowned February 19, 1931 and his wife Catherine/Kate (Tonkin) Pascoe died in Port Navas April 5, 1934. I have been unable to find where Peter and Kate are buried despite checking in Constantine and Porthleven. (I have been told there were no burials in Port Navas).

I am attaching a photo of Kate Pascoe taken in 1921 in front of her house in Port Navas. She is with Mark, my grandfather, who came from Michigan for a 6 month visit, bringing his wife Eliza and their two children, Dorothy and Mark Jr. (my father) to meet his parents for the first time. (Mark and Eliza are to the right of Kate Pascoe in the picture which was probably taken in the Spring or early Summer of 1921.

Could you suggest anyone I might contact who could help me find their graves? Is there someone in Port Navas who does genealogy work?

Karen Pascoe Mackey
Battle Creek, Michigan, USA

Cornish Evening Tidings
Friday, February 20, 1931 (or Saturday, February 21):

Constantine Mystery: Search for missing man and boat.

Capt, Peter Pascoe, aged 78, is missing from Port Navas, Constantine. He left his home about 9:30 on Thursday morning to go fishing in the Helford River as was his custom. He spoke to the crew of the Porthleven fishing boat Nellie at one o’clock and at three o’clock the crew of the fishing boat Iris saw him off Pennare Point, since which time nothing has been seen of him or the boat. Great anxiety was felt for his safety in the village on Thursday evening when it became known he had not returned. Yesterday morning search parties scouted the Helford River. The coastguards at Falmouth and the fishermen at Durgan, Helford, Port Navas, Porthhallow, and Cadgwith have been notified and have joined in the search for the missing man as have also the Porthleven fishing boats and crabbers in the river. Capt. Pascoe is a native of Porthleven and came to Port Navas as yachtsman to Mr C.T. Hamerton, who at that time resided at Trewince. Capt. Pascoe knew the Helford River well and was acquainted with the coast all around. At 12 o’clock yesterday Mr Howard Rendle of Port Navas who was in a motor boat found a paddle and rowlock between Gillan and the Manacles.