Road closed « · »

Port Navas: November 23rd

The road through Port Navas was closed today to allow work on a dodgy fallen tree at Point Cottage. With the help of a MacSalvors crane, Mike Comyn and Tony Ellen worked to carefully cut up and remove the tree which was perilously balanced on the Tiptaft’s garage.


Port Navas Quay and the Oysterage « · »

As many readers will be aware, the Wright Brothers have agreed with the Duchy that they will be ending their occupation of the oyster farm. The oyster beds are being cleared of Pacific oysters and over the course of the winter, all the cages, racks and other apparatus will be removed from the river. Ideally, by the 31st March 2017 this process should be complete and all their activity on the river, quay and in the buildings will cease. If due to unforeseen circumstances the withdrawal takes longer than anticipated, we have agreed a slightly later long stop date of the 30th April.

The Duchy is considering how we best structure the use of the river for shellfish production and the use facilities at the oyster farm in the future. Although the detail of the solution has yet to be finalised, there are some principles emerging which we thought you might find of interest:

Given its long history and local significance, we are keen to retain the use of the oyster fishery in the river. Albeit aware of the risks, our thoughts are that this will only be for native oyster production. How and by whom this is to be undertaken has yet to be decided but our early enquires are very encouraging.

The extent to which any new ventures utilise the quay and buildings has yet to be worked through but irrespective, we are mindful of the value which the local community places on the use of the quay and part of the solution will ensure that the quay is returned to a condition that is more conducive to the publics use.

We don’t anticipate any changes to the arrangements for moorings over the Duchy’s estate on the Helford, which will continue to be managed by Helford River Moorings and we are working on a plan that will ensure the continuity of the management of moorings and anchorage on the river following on immediately after the Wright Brothers departure.

These various aims will be pieced together over the course of the coming months and I would hope to be able to provide an update and opportunity for discussion in the early part of the new year, before they are finalised.

Chris Gregory
Land Steward, Duchy of Cornwall

Port Navas Flooding « · »

Acqua Alta in Port Navas

Acqua Alta in Port Navas

Very heavy rains in mid-September caused unusually severe flooding in Port Navas. A deluge of mud engulfed the village hall forecourt and threatened the hall itself.

A few days later, in typical Port Navas style, a gang of locals dug out the forecourt, laid a new membrane and, with help from the redoubtable Tim Lugg and his digger, replaced the gravel surface. Roger Wickens fashioned Venetian style protection for the hall doorway and order was restored.

Thanks to Cate Jones for the photo.

First Soup Kitchen « · »

Tiffa Meadows and Pauline Garman

Our first Soup Kitchen of the season in the Hall. Delicious soups, thanks to Pauline and Tiffa, and a table-full of chatty and satisfied customers.

Our next Soup Kitchen is on Wednesday 2nd November, 12.30 onwards, £3

Giles Williams « · »

Giles Williams, who was a very good friend to Port Navas, died unexpectedly on September 9th.

Giles was a partner at KPMG in London. Their chairman described him as “one of the world’s leading experts on financial services regulation” and “the ‘go to’ adviser for the major financial institutions, regulators and governments”. He was also a born and bred Cornishman who loved this part of the county and was committed to making a difference here.

Giles at this year's Port Navas Regatta

Giles at this year’s Port Navas Regatta

Two years ago Giles acquired the Port Navas Yacht Club. His intention was to preserve an iconic local institution that he, and his family and friends, so enjoyed.

Giles was also a keen supporter of the Helford River Children’s Sailing Trust. The HRCST is dedicated to providing the opportunity for children in local schools to sail and kayak single-handed, discover love and respect for the sea, gain confidence for life and accelerate academic learning. His family have asked that any donations in his memory are made to the HRCST. You can find out more at hrcst.org.uk/giles-williams.

Giles had many friends around Constantine and Port Navas. They, and his family, will miss him.

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Port Navas Phonebox « · »

With typical lack of civic responsibility, BT have removed the phone line from our village call box and are likely to remove the box itself before long.  This box may not be used much, but it’s an important emergency lifeline. Many of our elderly residents have neither mobile phones nor internet access; there is no mobile signal anyway in the middle of the village, and many of the houses are unoccupied for significant periods.

According to OFCOM, our unitary council can block the removal of this service. If you believe that it should be retained, please write to, or email, Mark James who is responsible for Customers and Communities at the Communities and Organisational Development Directorate, Cornwall Council, Room 4S, New County Hall, Truro TR13AY. Email: mjames2@cornwall.gov.uk

Mel Chambers’ Regatta Photos « · »

Iain McLaren’s Regatta Photos « · »

Thanks to Iain McLaren for these photos from this year’s Regatta.

Peter Langford’s Photos « · »

Loads of great photos from the Regatta kindly contributed by Peter Langford.