Centenary Regatta Results

1 Veterans Rowing Winners:

Men- Phil Badger

Ladies- Gill Pascoe

1st Man over 70- Rodney Myers

2 Pair Paddles 17 and under Winners:

Girls- Jessica Chamberlain

Boys- Oliver Chamberlain

3 Blind Rowing Winners:

Gill and Mike Pascoe

4 Swimming Ladies Winners:

Megan Toogood

5 Pair Paddles Winners:

First girl- Jessica Chamberlain

First boy- Finn Dungavel

First Overall- Finn Dungavel

6 Swimming Men Winners

Toby Budd

7 Mother and her Child (12 and under) Winners:

Lisa and Jessica Chamberlain

8 Swimming 16 and under Winners:

First girl- Isabel Barnes

First boy- George Barnes

9 Father and his Child (12 and under) Winners:

Jessica and Anton Chamberlain

10 Pair Paddles Men Winners:

Richard Winfrey

11 Swimming 12 and under Winners:

First girl- Lani Attiwell

First boy- Charlie McLaren

12 Row and Run 13 and under Winners:

Finn Dungavel

13 Fun Race Winners

Phil Badger, Amy and Lisa Meadows, Phil, Callum, Laura

14 Pair Paddles Ladies Winners:

Gill Pascoe

15 Row and Run race adults Winners:

Maddy Briton- Long

George Wilson

16 Kayak under 15 Winners:

Charlie McLaren

James Croftson (over 15)

17 Visitors Rowing Race Winners:

Dominic Haughton

18 Pairs Rowing Race Winners:

Tim Rendel

Serena Holdsworth

Anarth Cup for best placed Anarth rower:

Finn Dungavel

Greatest Number of points:

Ladies- Jessica Chamberlain

Men- Finn Dungavel

Ron Badger Annual Special Award:

Dilys Gardiner