Duchy of Cornwall Oyster Farm Company to close

Sadly we’ve learned that the Duchy of Cornwall Oyster Farm Company will close next year. A spokesperson for Wright Brothers, who have operated from Port Navas Quay since 2005,  said:

“It has been an amazing 11 years in a very special part of Cornwall. We are very proud of what we have achieved, notably creating 8 full-time, year-round jobs and contributing well over £1m to the local economy. We are sad that this has come to an end but we shall now focus on our restaurants and wholesale businesses and we continue to work closely with oyster farmers all over the UK, Europe and America.”

The premises at Port Navas, including the buildings and quay, will be returned to the Duchy by April next year.

Chris Gregory, Land Steward for the Duchy of Cornwall said:

“The joint decision of the Duchy and the occupant to end the Helford oyster farming agreement provides us with an opportunity to consider how the oysterage is used in the future. We look forward to doing that in conjunction with the local community, over the course of the coming months.”

At work on the oyster barge

At work on the oyster barge