Oyster Farm

The withdrawal of the Wright Brothers oyster farm business from the Helford and Port Navas quay continues a pace and it is expected that it will be complete by the end of March. All of the oyster cages have now been removed from the river and are being taken away and all the other production and processing equipment will be removed.

Members of the Village Hall Committee have agreed a scheme of works with the representative of the Duchy, that will see the surface of the access road and the quay restored, walls rebuilt, the quay ladder replaced and parts of the quay surface turfed. This work is due to start in early April and should be finished for Easter but during the period of the works, the quay will need to be closed for safety reasons. There will be no effect on access to other properties.

Plans for developing a smaller scale native oyster farm are still being developed but are likely to take some time to come to fruition and we will update you as these progress.

Chris Gregory, Duchy Land Steward