Port Navas Yacht Club News


Giles Williams writes:

Steve Fletcher will be starting in the Club on Friday Feb 27.  He is a very experienced chef – and has done lots of different types of catering in Cornwall and abroad.  We have been speaking for a few weeks and he really understands the difference between the summer season (when our visitors are here) and how we have all been using the Club since November.  He wants to stick with the current approach until the summer season starts in the Easter holiday period.  So it will be freshly cooked food and similar style until the visitors start to arrive when the operating hours begin to extend and the menu will change a bit.  He will be taking on this email over the next few weeks and will be telling you about his menu ideas.

You have all been so generous with your support over the past few months that we have had to turn people away – so we will be open for 2 nights from this week – ie Friday and Saturday.  We hope that this means that those who have been unable to come on Friday nights will be able to join us on Saturday. We will be upping the openings as we move towards the summer.