Regatta 2010

7th August 2010:

The sun shone on the popular Port Navas Regatta as hundreds came to watch the rowing and swimming races, take part in the children’s games and try their luck on the fair stalls. ‘Due to a record number of helpers, this has been one of the easiest Regattas to organise,’ said Jeff Meadows, Chairman of the Regatta Committee. ‘It is fantastic that whilst people are having a great time we are able to raise money for many local charities.’

The prizes were awarded by Margaret Goad who with her husband Peter, runs the Port Navas Yacht Club. This will be their last year running the club as they plan to retire in March. ‘We shall miss them a great deal,’ said Jeff, ‘ they have been an important and hard working part of our community.’

The Ron Badger Annual Special Award – given to a person who has contributed above and beyond the call of duty to the success of the Regatta went to Sally Annan and Marian Saunders who have shared the organisation of the splendid food at the Regatta for many years.

The plans are already underway for next year’s Regatta on Saturday July 30th 2011 at 4pm.


Veteran’s Rowing – Man Howard Rendle Cup Martin Wills
Veteran’s Rowing – Woman Helen Colam Trophy Gill Pascoe
Pair Paddles under 17 – Boys Walter Warren Salver Jack Gleadowe
Blindfold Rowing Jack Gleadowe and David Harford
Pair Paddles under 13 – Boys Jack Gleadowe
Pair Paddles under 10 HRCST Tankard Oliver Chamberlain
Mother & Her Child Rowing Den Colam Cup Lisa & Oliver Chamberlain
Father & His Child Rowing Van Marriott Trophy Anton & Oliver Chamberlain
Pair Paddles Ladies Eileen Fisher Cup Gill Pascoe
Swimming 12 & Under – Girls D’Alton Cup Megan Toogood
Swimming 12 & Under – Boys Peter Agnew Cup Jamie Hutchinson
Swimming 16 & under – Girls Dorris Wooldridge Cup Megan Toogood
Swimming 16 & under – Boys Don Wooldridge Cup Oliver Edkins
Swimming Men Budock Vean Cup Josh Gotelier
Swimming Women Vinnicome Cup Nicky Harford
Row & Run 13 & under Rowan Chetwyn-Woods & Will Wilson
All-Comers Rowing Sidney Hodges Cup Richard Winfrey
Fun Race Fisher Cup Tamsyn Gwithyen & Cariad Silk
Pair Paddles Men Colam Eclipse Cup Phil Badger
Row & Run Adults St Euny Cup Richard Winfrey & Dave Redwood
Visitors’ Rowing Peter’s Cup Simon Finch
Pairs Rowing (Lady & Gent) Tiny Warren Cup Georgie & Richard Winfrey
Greatest Number of Points – Women Ron Badger Cup Megan Toogood
Greatest Number of Points – Men President’s Cup Oliver Chamberlain