Regatta 2012

Port Navas: July 28th 2012

There were some old favourites and some new ideas at this year’s popular Port Navas Regatta attended by hundreds of locals and visitors.  It was a heart stopping moment when exactly at 12 noon as the events started there was a shower but it only lasted a minute and the rest of the afternoon was warm and sunny.  Richard Tiptaft, the new Chair of the committee was very pleased.  ‘It was nerve racking on my first year in charge but it was also very exciting and the committee has been incredibly supportive,’ said Richard. ‘ Over £4500 was taken on the day and all the profits go to charity, mainly local ones or ones with a local interest such as RNLI.’

Richard introduced a new children’s game aimed at under 6s in which they had to hook a duck for a prize.  There were also a couple of new water events which kept the competitors on their toes.

The Ron Badger Special Award Cup was given to Jeff Meadows, the previous Chair, and his wife Tiffa for all their hard work in running the Regatta for the last  8 years.  The prizes were presented by Aline Turner, who was determined to wear her hat!  She was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers by Jinny Leybourne.

Winners Results

Veteran’s Rowing – Man: Martin Willis (Howard Rendle Cup); – Woman: Gill Pascoe (Helen Colam Trophy) First Man over 70: Tim Rendle

Pair Paddles u 17 – Girls: Katie Toogood (Serena Lucas Salver); Boys: Oliver Chamberlain (Walter Warren Salver)

Blindfold Rowing – Oliver Chamberlain  & Anton Chamberlain

Swimming Women – Emma Gottelier (Vinnicome Cup)

Pair Paddles u 13 – Boys: Oliver Chamberlain (Sidney Hodges Cup 1st overall; Girls: Georgina Cooke; Finn Dungavel HRCST Tankard (10 and under)

Swimming Men – Josh Gottelier (Budock Vean Cup)

Mother & Her Child Rowing – Lucy, Serena and Tilly Holdsworth (Den Colam Cup)

Swimming 16 & under – Girls: Emma Gottelier (Dorris Wooldridge) – Boys: Jeremy Hutchinson (Don Wooldridge Cup)

Father & His Child Rowing – Oliver & Anton Chamberlain (Van Marriott Trophy)

Pair Paddles Men – Freddie Gleadowe (Colam Eclipse Cup)

Swimming 12 & Under – Girls: Mhairi Macleod (D’Alton Cup) – Boys: Evan Dungavel (Peter Agnew Cup)

Row & Run 13 & under – Oliver Chamberlain & George Hatcher

Fun Race – Jack, Ewan, Joe, Freddie & Zac (Fisher Cup)

Pair Paddles Ladies – Gill Pascoe (Eileen Fisher Cup)

Row & Run Adults – Freddie Gleadowe & John Samuel (St Euny Cup)

Visitors’ Rowing – Jon Carter (Peter’s Cup)

Pairs Rowing (Lady & Gent) – Catherine Nancarrow & David Redwood (Tiny Warren Cup)

Anarth Cup – Robyn Chambers

Greatest Number of Points – Women:  Gill Pascoe (Ron Badger Cup);

Men: Oliver Chamberlain (President’s Cup)

Fancy Dress Winners included Tilly (4) & Lucy (6) Holdsworth; Noé Myers (4); Seraphina Matthews (3 ½ ); Oliver (4 months); Felix (4 months); Anne Victoire from France