Regatta Report and Results

The sun shone on Port Navas this year, bringing in a record attendance for its annual Regatta.  There was much fun and laughter from the watchers on the quay as the intrepid ventured to do battle on the water.  “This was a really successful event, “ said Richard Tiptaft the Chair of the Regatta Committee, “made possible by the hard work and dedication of the local community.”  Richard also paid tribute to his wife, Gaye, for all her hard work.  “I couldn’t do this without her,” said Richard, “she has done so much to make it be so brilliant.” The Regatta has raised a great deal of money for charities such as Air Ambulance, the local Hospice movement and RNLI amongst others over the years.  ‘We hope to do even better this year,’ said Jonathan Fine, the regatta treasurer, “not all the money has been accounted for and not all the bills paid but it is looking very good so far.”

As well as water events, there were plenty of activities along the shore line with family games and stalls.  The children’s fancy dress theme ‘Super Heroes” had such a high standard that everyone won a prize!  The food tent, run by Cate Jones, was especially successful crammed with home made delicacies as well as a hugely popular BBQ with lamb supplied, as it is each year, by Budock Vean Hotel.

Pauline and Don Garman were awarded the Ron Badger Special Award for their huge contribution to making the Regatta such a success.

Winners Results

Veteran’s Rowing – Man: Phil Badger (Howard Rendle Cup); – Woman: Shane Flutter (Helen Colam Trophy); First person in over 70 Pauline Garman

Pair Paddles u 17 – Girls: Jessica Chamberlain (Serena Lucas Salver); Boys: Oliver Chamberlain (Walter Warren Salver)

Blindfold Rowing – Oliver & Jessica Chamberlain

Pair Paddles u 13 –  First Overall – Finn Ellemann (Sydney Hodges Cup). Girls: Sophia Walker; Boys: Finn Elleman; First 10 & under William Swann (HRCST Tankard)

Mother & Her Child Rowing – Antonia & Finn Elleman (Den Colam Cup)

Father & His Child Rowing – Sam & Daisy Heard (Van Marriott Trophy)

Pair Paddles Ladies – Gill Pascoe (Eileen Fisher Cup)

Pair Paddles Men – Oliver Chamberlain (Colam Eclipse Cup)

Swimming 12 & Under – Girls: Anya Hocking (D’Alton Cup) – Boys: Benjamin Vine (Peter Agnew Cup)

Swimming 16 & Under – Girls: Millie Vine (Dorris Wooldridge) – Boys: Finn Dungeval (Don Wooldridge Cup)

Swimming Men – Finn Dungerval (Budock Vean Cup)

Swimming Women – Anya Hocking (Vinnicome Cup)

Row & Run 13 & under – Finn Elleman & Angus Williams

Kayak Race over 15 – Isaac Hutchinson (Trengilly Wartha Cup)

Kayak Race under 15 – Harry Edmundson (Trengilly Wartha Trophy)

Fun Race –  Dunn Family (Fisher Cup)

Row & Run Adults – Daniel Williams & Tom Ellemann (St Euny Cup)

Visitors’ Rowing – Rosie Luscombe (Peters Cup)

Pairs Rowing (Lady & Gent) – Phil Badger & Gill Pascoe (Tiny Warren Cup)

Best overall Anarth Rower – Jowan Hoskings (Anarth Cup)

Greatest Number of Points – Women:  Gill Pascoe (Ron Badger Cup); Men: Finn Ellemann (President’s Cup)