Regatta 2006

5 August 2006
An early neap tide on the Helford River meant a noon start for competitors in the 2006 Port Navas Regatta. But the early start did not deter the hundreds of local residents and visitors who lined the quayside to help raise some £4,000 for local charities.A packed programme of 18 rowing and swimming events was well supported by young and old alike with plenty of vocal support from friends and families gathered on the village oyster quay.Children’s races took place in the adjacent events field, where the sideshows and games were in big demand along with queues for the barbecue, the cake stall, drinks and the ever popular tombola.

Highlights of the afternoon were a lifesaving demonstration by the crew of the Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat, and a musical interlude by the Constantine Silver Band.

Regatta Chairman, Jeff Meadows, said he was delighted that so many people turned out to support the event despite the early start and that this regatta had been a particularly relaxed and friendly community event for all the family. “We’ve had another very successful Regatta.” he said, “It is amazing how local people pull together to support this event. Everyone had a great time and we raised quite a lot of money for charity.”

“It’s a pity that we don’t enjoy the same level of support from Cornwall County Council, who removed the only sign promoting the Regatta from the Argal crossroads on the eve of the event.”  “I think it was very unkind to remove a sign advertising an event which donates all proceeds to local charities and which means so much to the local community. I do hope they’ll rethink their decision for next year.”

The Results

Regatta Committee Chairman, Jeff Meadows, announced the winners, ably assisted by Dilys Gardner and Fiona Beale. The prizes were presented by Anoushka Szturmowska, fiancée of Port Navas Oyster Farm owner Ben Wright. The results were as follows:

Veterans Rowing Mens:

1. Rodney Myers, 2. Peter Kendall, 3. Richardo Cortez, over 70 winner, David James.

Veterans Rowing Ladies:

1. Dilys Gardener, 2. Mary Owen, 3. Jane Harris.

Pair Paddles 17 & under Boys:

1. Rory Flutter, 2. Jombie Badger, 3. Josh Gottelier.

Pair Paddles 17 & under Girls:

1.Pip Badger, 2. Meghan Harris, 3. Polly Money.

Blindfold Rowing:

1. David & Herbie Harford, 2. Tansin & Gwithian Silk,

3. Lorna Flutter & Gabrielle Fromentin.

Pair Paddles 13 & under Boys:

1. Herbie Harford, 2. Charlie Davis, 3. Alistair James.

Pair Paddles 13 & under Girls:

1. Pip Badger, 2. Megan Harris, 3. Polly Money, 1st under 11 girl Ceinwen Morgans,

HRCST Tankard Herbie Harford.

Mother& Child Rowing:

1. Lulu & Pip Badger, 2. Shane & Toto Flutter, 3. Mary & Theo Cresswell.

Father & Child Rowing:

1. David & Herbie Harford. 2. Ed & John Gleadowe, 3. Phil & Pip Badger.

Pair Paddles Ladies:

1. Gill Pascoe, 2.Lulu Badger, 3. Shane Flutter.

Swimming 12 & under Boys:

1. Charlie Davies, 2. Edward Gleadowe, 3. Ben Woodard.

Swimming 12 & under Girls:

1. Katie Toogood, 2. Megan Toogood, 3. Beatrix Warren.

Swimming 16 & under Boys:

1. Josh Gottelier, 2. Liam Dury, 3. Oliver Woodard.

Swimming 16 & under Girls:

1. Lorna Flutter, 2. Lottie Grant, 3. Emily Broad.

Swimming Mens:

1. Gwithian Silk, 2. Josh Gottelier, 3. Dominic Warren.

Swimming Ladies:

1. Bethany Wills, 2. Tilda Woodard,

Row & Run 13 & Under:

1. Ed Gleadowe & Treve Winfrey, 2. Polly Money & Pip Badger, 3. Lottie Grant and Lorna Flutter.

All-Comers Rowing:

1. Richard Winfrey, 2. David Harford, 3. Jonathan Money, 1st ANARTH – Gill Pascoe.

Fun Race:

1. Pip & Phil Badger, 2. David & Herbie Harford,

3. Patrick Hopson & Rory Flutter.

Pair Paddles Men:

1. Richard Winfrey, 2. Tim Williams, 3. Martin Wills.

Row & Run Adults:

1 David Harford & Jonathan Samuel, 2. Treve & Richard Winfrey, 3. John & Jack Gleadowe.

Visitors Rowing:

1. Ali & Peter James, 2 Andrew Stafford & Anthony Thomson, 3. Joe Chamberlain.

Pairs Rowing Lady & Gent:

1. Richard Winfrey & Gill Pascoe, 2. David Harford & Vicky Royal, 3. Jombie & Lulu Badger.

Greatest Number of Points Men: David Harford.

Greatest Number of Points Ladies: Pip Badger.

Ron Badger Annual Special Award: Jane & David Burke.


Photos by Patsy Loake