Regatta 2009

1st August 2009


The morning dawned wet and miserable but almost on the dot of 12 o’clock, the clouds parted, the sun shone and the popular Port Navas Regatta had record attendance this year. Hundreds turned up to watch the fun and take part. ‘It was a beautiful afternoon, ’ said Jeff Meadows, Chairman of the Regatta Committee, ‘ there was a great atmosphere and the everyone seemed to be having a good time especially the little kids who were enjoying playing in the puddles left by the morning rain.  As usual the crowd were very generous and I’m sure we’ll be able to make substantial contributions to our usual mix of charities.’

As well as the usual favourites, a very popular innovation this year was Mr Coolmagic – Paul Snowman – who provided face-painting and balloon sculptures for the children.  ‘As well as raising money, we particularly want this to be a fun event especially for the children,’ said Jeff, ‘and they were thrilled with their animal faces and balloon hats and sausage dogs.’

The events on the water provided much entertainment and particularly popular was the RNLI demonstration as a luckless victim was thrown overboard to be rescued amidst wreaths of orange smoke.  Also popular were the fun races where enthusiasm and innovation replaced mere ability with oars.  This year, local competitors were challenged by many visitors and there were more entrants then ever.

‘I couldn’t believe how many people came to this small corner of Cornwall, and there was so much to do and see,’ said Tom Hesling a visitor from London.  ‘ It was a great day out!’

The plans are already underway for next year’s Regatta on Saturday 7th August 2010.


Veteran’s Rowing (Men) Howard Rendle Cup Rodney Myers
Veteran’s Rowing (Women) Helen Colam Trophy Dilys Gardiner
Pair Paddles under 17 (Girls) Serena Lucas Salver Pip Badger
Pair Paddles under 17 (Boys) Walter Warren Salver Oliver Bradley
Blindfold Rowing Phil and Pip Badger
Pair Paddles under 13 (Girls) Katie Toogood
Pair Paddles 10 and under HRCST Tankard Euan Dungarel
Mother & Her Child Rowing Den Colam Cup Euan and Fran Dungarel
Father & His Child Rowing Van Marriott Trophy Johnny and Richard Innes
Pair Paddles (Ladies) Eileen Fisher Cup Pip Badger
Swimming 12 & Under (Girls) D’Alton Cup Megan Toogood
Swimming 12 & Under (Boys) Peter Agnew Cup Charlie Hatcher
Swimming 16 & Under (Girls) Dorris Wooldridge Cup Emma Gottelier
Swimming 16 & Under (Boys) Don Wooldridge Cup Peter Hort
Swimming (Men) Budock Vean Cup Gwythyon Silk
Swimming (Women) Vinnicome Cup Carol Höggard
Row & Run 13 & under Emma Gottelier & Katie Toogood
All-Comers Rowing Peter Greenhalgh Sidney Hodges Cup
Fun Race Fisher Cup Pip Badger; Gwythyon Silk; Lorna & Hamish Casper
Pair Paddles (Men) Colam Eclipse Cup Phil Badger
Row & Run Adults St Euny Cup Phil & Pip Badger
Visitors’ Rowing Peter’s Cup Anthony Thompson
Pairs Rowing (Lady & Gent) Tiny Warren Cup Phil and Pip Badger
Greatest Number of Points (Women) Ron Badger Cup Pip Badger
Greatest Number of Points (Men) President’s Cup Phil Badger