Regatta 2013

Saturday 3rd August

The Port Navas Regatta got off to a flying start on the water with the Veterans rowing race won in style by Jill Pascoe for the ladies and Phil Badger for the men.

For the land lubbers the Children’s Fancy Dress with the theme ‘a story character’ was won by a Peter Pen with Superman coming in second.

Hard fought children’s races in the Ponsaveran Field were a great success with lanes wider than the Olympics. The barbecue seemed to hit the spot with special road lamb rolls donated by Budock Vean hotel, alongside traditional beef burgers and hotdogs.

The Fun Race – a Duck Race – proved a challenge, the participants aiming to collect a single duck in a boat without oars; instead all the ducks were cleared from the river and returned – the outcome, the Stewards disqualified all teams but the sponsors who had generously given £2.50 to the RNLI received their trophies designed by Robert Shea – the winners were Jean Fall and Sandra Gardener.

The Grand Draw with a fantastic first prize of a Scott Bicycle to the value of £500.00 was won by Ottie Skewes. She will choose her bicycle from Falmouth Cycles thanks to the generosity of Steve Carter of Scott Bicycle. Second prize went to Mark Pinfold who had spent seven hours on the A30 so was well rewarded with her voucher for £150.00 at Wine in Cornwall.

The glorious selection of cups were presented by Bernice Wickens to a host of very worthy winners in glorious sunshine. Richard Tiptaft, the Chairman of the Regatta Committee said ‘I think everyone has enjoyed a marvellous family day and will hopefully return for next year on July 26th 2014’.

Regatta Results

Veterans Rowing Race: 1st Phil Badger 2nd Martin Wills

Women’s 1st Gill Pascoe 2nd Dilys Gardiner

Pair Paddles G&B 17 and under: 1st Ollie Chamberlain 2nd Johnny Innes

Blindfold Rowing: 1st George Wilson & Treve Wimfrey 2nd Gill & Mike Pascoe

Swimming ladies: 1st Rosie Peckham 2nd Shane Flutter

Pair Paddles girls & boys under 13: 1st Finn Dungavel 2nd Issac Hutchinson 1st girl: Jess Chamberlain

Swimming men’s: 1st Lena Budd 2nd Toby Budd

Mother & child (under 12): 1st Fran & Finn Dungavel 2nd Jess & Lisa Chamberlain

Swimming 16 & under: 1st George Hatcher 2nd Jamie Hutchinson

Father & child under 12: 1st Antonio & Jessica Chamberlain 2nd Emily & Dominic Haughton

Pair Paddles men’s: 1st Richard Wimfrey 2nd David Harford

Swimming girls & boys 12 & under: 1st Emily Haughton 2nd Connie Hatcher
1st boys: Guy Brooks 2nd Finn Dungavel

Row & Run 13 & under: 1st Ollie Chamberlain & George Hatcher 2nd Finn Dungavel & Guy Brooks

Pair Paddles ladies: 1st Serena Holdsworth 2nd Gill Pascoe

Adults row and run race: 1st Maddie B- Long & George Wilson 2nd Ollie Chamberlain & George Hatcher

Visitors rowing race: 1st Nono Wilson 2nd John Green

Visitors rowing (ladies and gents): 1st Phil and Pip Badger 2nd Lena Green and George Wilson

Greatest Number of points for the day: Men: Finn Dungavel, Ladies: Jess Chamberlin